August 2019: International High-End Audio Visual Expo, Xi’an, China


This is one of nine shows in China where our distributor, NC Audio, will demonstrate German Physiks products this year.

The main system was a pair of PQS-402 loudspeakers  bi-amped with four Emperor mono power amplifiers and driven by the Emperor preamplifier. Power was supplied via our PION power cable.

The PQS-402 uses 2 DDD drivers which enable it to produce sound levels up to 118dB.  This is well beyond what most conventional loudspeakers can achieve and gives exceptional dynamics. This in turn gives a greater sense of reality.  The bass system uses two 10-inch woofers and four 8-inch passive radiators.  These were extremely well controlled by the power amplifiers, so that we had very extended and very clean bass.  The overall sound was exceptionally good, especially considering that this was a hotel room, which is usually very challenging acoustically.  Vocals were smooth and clean; dynamics were very fast with no hint of compression and detail was excellent, with good clarity, even on complex high-level passages.

Other German Physiks loudspeakers on display were:

PQS-402 Custom - a custom version of the PQS-402 made for the Chinese market and designed for use as the side and centre channels in 5.1 systems with our Emperor Mk II loudspeakers.

Borderland Mk IV

HRS-120 SE - a custom model made for the Chinese market based on our HRS-120 design.

Unlimited Ultimate

Our thanks Mr. Lin and his staff at NC Audio and Mr. Lui and his staff at Boilice Audio, our dealer in Xi’an, for their hard work in arranging and running the show.

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Robert Kelly