Holger Mueller, founder of German Physiks


The dream of space

Speaking as a lover of music, there is one special moment of realisation. An event which one remembers for the rest of one’s life, which touches the soul and inspires a lifetime in the quest for better sound reproduction

I had this moment in the mid 1970s, when I was in New York for business and heard for the first time the Ohm-F loudspeakers with the Walsh omnidirectional driver. The tonal and dynamic weaknesses of this driver were undeniable, but what I heard, I had previously only ever dreamed of. The Ohm-F made the entire room the sound stage and I became part of the recording. Even today I get goose bumps when I think about it.

In the late 1980s a coincidence brought me together with Peter Dicks. The German inventor had developed his own version of the Walsh driver: the DDD driver. Although it was in all respects better than the Walsh driver, it was not yet perfect. Having the New York experience still vividly in my mind, I decided to set up a new hi-fi business. Over a period of several years we undertook a rigorous programme of development to make the DDD driver into a commercial product. Since then, the DDD driver has been getting better and better. Exceptional loudspeaker designs have emerged that are recognised worldwide for their excellence. What they all have in common is the clear, expansive sound that captivated me in New York all those years ago – only now it is even better.

I thank you for visiting our new web site and I hope that after you have spent some time browsing its pages, you will be encouraged to audition German Physiks loudspeakers and hear for yourself the musical magic of the DDD driver. Please also have a look at our new Emperor Extreme electronics and PION cable ranges.

Holger Muller

Holger Mueller | German Physiks