The Gaudi MK III Loudspeaker - available 2019


(Gaudi MK II shown above and below)

The story of our top-of-the-line model

The Gaudi has been our top-of the-line model since the MK I was launched in 1996. The Gaudi was designed with the objective of replicating the feel of a full scale orchestra by being able to reproduce the wide frequency range, high sound levels and wide dynamic range that are common at live performances.

With a low end response down to 15Hz and a maximum output level of 120dB, it was able to do a pretty good job. The Gaudi MK I impressed the reviewers at the top Japanese high-end audio magazine Stereo Sound so much that in 1998 they gave it their prestigious Components of the Year Award.

Unique moveable DDD driver array

The Gaudi MK I and MK II both used 4 DDD drivers mounted on a motorised boom than could be commanded to move back and forth using a remote control.  As the DDD drivers covered the range from 180Hz to 24kHz, almost the entire audio range, moving them was effectively the same as being able to move the whole loudspeaker. This made the final set-up adjustment very easy compared to a conventional large loudspeaker, where the whole cabinet must be moved.  This is no easy task with a loudspeaker that can weigh well over 200kg. The movable DDD driver array feature is also used on our Emperor model.

The next generation 

An improved version of the Gaudi MK II, appropriately named the Gaudi MK III, is currently under development and will be released in 2019.  More information about the design and the launch date will be posted on the News page on this web site in due course. Please come back again soon.


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