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Holger Mueller, Founder


At the heart of every German Physiks loudspeaker is our revolutionary DDD driver

The DDD driver is an omnidirectional driver with an exceptionally wide operating range. It creates an enveloping sound field similar to that in the concert hall and overcomes the limitations of conventional drivers to bring the listener closer to the experience of a live performance.

The German Physiks DDD driver is able to offer an improvement in sound reproduction that we feel quite justified in describing as revolutionary.


The Products

The German Physiks range of omnidirectional loudspeakers currently comprises 14 models, running from our entry level Unlimited Ultimate, to our flagship Gaudi and German Physiks loudspeakers are now sold in over 30 countries around the world.

To ensure the highest possible standards of quality, all design and manufacture is carried out in Germany, where we hand build the products in small batches.


New Electronics

We will shortly be launching a range of high-end audio electronics. This will be called the German Physiks Emperor range and initially will comprise:

- Preamplifier
- Stereo Integrated Amplifier
- Stereo Power Amplifier
- Mono Power Amplifier
- Digital Electronic Crossover



German Physiks loudspeakers are available in a wide range of high quality finishes including:

Satin or high polish veneers
Satin or high polish paints
High polish polyester
High polish carbon fibre

We also offer custom veneer and paint finishes.


Less Hi-Fi, More Music

The motivation for starting German Physiks was our love of music and that remains the motivation behind everything that we do.

Music is about emotion and we want you to feel this emotion when you listen to our products.

As Alan Sircom writing in HiFi+ magazine about our HRS-130 loudspeaker said: “More than ever, you owe it to yourself to try the German Physiks sound. It could be all you ever need.”


About Us

The German Physiks brand came into existence in 1992 when the first loudspeaker produced by a new company, DDD Manufactur GmbH, was launched. Based in Maintal in Germany, the company was established specifically to produce loudspeakers using a revolutionary new wide-bandwidth, omnidirectional driver – the DDD driver - and the first loudspeaker to use it was the German Physiks Borderland Mk I. Such was the excellence of the Borderland’s basic design, that it continues in production today, now in its Mk IV form, and it remains our best selling loudspeaker.



Our products are special and many unique, such as our range of incredible DDD omnidirectional loudspeakers. We encourage you to visit a specialist dealer so that you can experience German Physiks for yourself. 

Please click on the listen button below to find your nearest Distributor/Dealer, who will be able to answer any questions you have and arrange for you to hear the product(s) you are interested in.