July 2019: Emperor Preamplifier receives excellent review in Positive Feedback magazine


Marshall Nack has written a very informative review that gives the reader an excellent insight into how well the Emperor Preamplifier handles a wide range of music.

Some interesting quotes:

“The Emperor’s acuity lies in finely drawn tonal shadings and timbral portraits, which help to define and locate each instrument without relying on imaging cues. I had no trouble discerning who was playing and where they were located.“

“The Emperor gave insights into the engineering aspects of each source I put on, a testimony to the machine’s relatively small footprint and essential neutrality.”

“... crescendos were handled very comfortably, with no signs of stress. I listen carefully for any breakdown in sound quality at the peaks. There was none: It was seamless.”

Our thanks to Marshall and all at Positive Feedback.

Our thanks also to Larry Borden of our US distributor Distinctive Stereo LLC, for his help in arranging this review.

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Robert Kelly