February 2019: HRS-130 loudspeakers receive Editors’ Choice Award


The leading US audiophile magazine The Absolute Sound has given our HRS-130 loudspeakers their prestigious Editors’ Choice Award.

In the award citation, reviewer Dick Olsher wrote:

"The Unlimited II’s bigger brother combines a carbon-fiber Dicks Dipole Driver (DDD) with a floor firing 10” woofer. The DDD is a serious attempt to mimic the coherent soundfield produced by a small radially pulsating cylinder. Expect an exceptionally wide sweet spot coupled with palpable image outlines. The HRS-130 is almost perfect for a small-to-medium size room, providing that it is acoustically tuned along the lines of live-end/dead-end to sharpen image focus. Midrange textures are capable of exceptional purity, characterized by low levels of distortion through the upper midrange."

Our thanks to Dick Osher, who has written very favourable reviews of our HRS-130 and Unlimited loudspeakers in The Absolute Sound and to their editor Robert Harley for his support.

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Dale Linzey