October 2018: Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018


Larry Borden of our US distributor Distinctive Audio LLC demonstrated our Borderland MK IV loudspeakers with electronics from Accustic Arts. Larry tells us that he was kept very busy and met a lot of great people. We thank you all for your time and for your interest.

Our system was:

Loudspeakers: German Physiks HRS-130 and Borderland Mk IV
Power amplifiers: Accustic Arts Mono 2
Pre amplifier: Accustic Arts Tube Hybrid Line Stage
CD Player: Accustic Arts Player 2 Mk II
Turntable: VPI Avenger Reference
Cartridge: van den Hul Master Signature
Phono pre amplifier: van den Hul Grail
Racks: Stillpoints

An especially big thank you goes to the show organiser Marjorie Baumart and her army of enthusiastic helpers. They make the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest the most enjoyable show in our calendar. We look forward to returning to Denver next year.

Visit the Distinctive Stereo web site: www.distinctivestereo.com

Visit the show organiser’s web site: www.audiofest.net

Dale Linzey