The Pion N 3 ZF Power Cable


The German Physiks PION N 3 ZF power cable is the result of the application of sound engineering principles, high quality materials and extensive listening tests, to produce an audiophile power cable of uncompromising quality. It has a number of important qualities that ensure optimum performance in transferring power to an audio component.

The cable uses conductors with a total cross section of greater than 3 square-millimetres to ensure that the dynamic performance of even the most current hungry power amplifier will not be restricted.

pion_stecker_2 The cable's special geometry combined with frequency sensitive elements incorporated into the construction enable it to act as a filter. This not only protects against noise on the incoming supply, but also prevents noise generated by the audio component from being fed back into the mains supply, where it might degrade the performance of other components in the system.

The design of the cable prevents current induced movement of the conductors, which can be a source of high frequency noise and which would manifest itself as harshness in the sound.

A common problem with audiophile power cables is that they are very stiff, which makes them difficult to use. It can even cause damage to the mains inlets on some products. The Pion N 3 ZF power cable is surprisingly flexible which avoids this problem and makes it easy to route as required.

The first change usually noticed on using the Pion N 3 ZF power cable is a subjective loss of high frequencies in the music. This is in fact the absence of the distortion that was present earlier. Prolonged listening will confirm that the sound is now more natural and relaxed, yet the dynamics are preserved. There will also be an improvement in the focus and depth of the sound stage, clearer high frequencies and greater resolution of fine detail.