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Forthcoming Show News  

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October 19th                           Cool Gales Bath AudioFest 2013


For the last few years the English high-end audio dealer Cool Gales has run a one-day show called the Bath AudioFest, which takes place in the historic town of Bath every October.  It is held at Bath & County Club.  This year they have invited us to demonstrate our Unlimited Mk II loudspeakers and we will be demonstrating with our friends from Chord Electronics.

If you are in the area on the day, please come and see us.


For more information on the Bath AudioFest 2013 please click here.


Please click here to view the Unlimited Mk II web page.





October 18th to 20th             Elitexpo Show, Madrid, Spain


Pedro M. Asencio of our Spanish distributor Sound Sevilla will be demonstrating our Borderland Mk IV loudspeakers with Vitus Signature electronics at the Elitexpo Show which will be held at the Hotel Auditorium, Madrid. Show hours are from 10 am to 7.30 pm, entry is free and there will be over 200 brands on display. Pedro is well known for his excellent demonstrations, so do drop in if you can.


Please click here to visit the show organiser's web site.




October 11th to 13th                  Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver, USA


This will be held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center hotel. We will be in room 1025 where we will be playing our entry-level, Unlimited Mk II loudspeakers. We have recently received several excellent reviews for these loudspeakers from ToneAudio, Hi Fi Plus and Hifi Pig. We will shortly be posting links to these on the Unlimited Mk II web page. We will be using new RCD-100 CD player, RD-100 D/A converter and RS-100 stereo amplifier from Vitus Audio in Denmark. Cables will be provided by Purist Audio Design , from Texas, USA. We used Vitus and Purist Audio last year and they sounded great, so we are sticking with a winning combination. Our thanks to them for their support. Please come and see us. You are welcome to bring your CDs to our room and we will gladly play them for you.


Please click here to visit the show organiser’s web site.


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General News


July 30th                                 Unlimited Mk II Loudspeakers Recommended by Hifi Pig Magazine





Jerry Jacobs has just reviewed our Unlimited Mk II loudspeakers for the web based audio magazine Hifi Pig. Jerry is well acquainted with omnidirectional loudspeakers, being a long time user of the MBL 116F, so his comments are especially meaningful. He liked them so much that he gave them the Hifi Pig Recommended award. We are very pleased with this and offer our sincere thanks for the honour. Here

are some of Jerry’s comments:


"Startling clarity and definition."


"There's a feeling of naturalness and relaxation despite the very high resolution on offer."


"Remarkably pure and uncoloured"


"The bass is tight and controlled, vibrant "


"...they throw out a palpably atmospheric and open rendition of the acoustic space."


"...and they should definitely be on the audition list for anyone looking for loudspeakers at their price



"Recommended - with enthusiasm!"


Thank you Jerry and our thanks to Stuart Smith, the editor of Hifipig.com for the opportunity to have our loudspeakers reviewed. Although Hifi Pig only started in the spring of 2012, they have already established a reputation as a serious magazine, with a growing following of regular readers. They are well worth adding to your favourites list.


Please click here to see the full review.


Please click here to view the Unlimited Mk II web page.



July 10th                                 HRS-120 Loudspeaker Receives a Coveted Blue Moon Award from 6Moons.com





After completing his review of our HRS-120 loudspeaker, Srajan Ebaen, editor of 6Moons.com was so impressed that he gave them the coveted Blue Moon Award. On the 6Moons web site it says, “The6moons Blue Moon Award is bestowed only on components or music releases of rare excellence” . We re very pleased and very grateful for this honour.

Srajan wrote a very detailed and thoughtful conclusion, which merits reading in full and may be found here. "Here are a few of the points he made:"

“As a former Pilates instructor I still do Joe's abdominal floor work on a narrow camping mat in front of my hifi. In this unusual position....I was shocked to for once hear a properly developed soundstage without any hole in the middle. ….. And because I do my routine late in the evening, playback volumesmust be very low. Here too the HRS-120's very effective room gain paid out big. I heard more with less.
Audiophile discourse routinely skips over whisper levels. It reports on extreme SPL, which no civilized or sane user selects. The more complete and full a speaker sounds at low volumes, the more you willactually use your hifi.”

“It's sensible to view the HRS-120 as a bass-augmented widebander with no crossover where our hearing would be sensitive.”

“Once in properly 'free' space the HRS-120 exhibited very clean impulse response, wall-to-wall staging, true tonal continuousness top to bottom and twice as effective conversion of amplifier power into at-earloudness than forward radiators. This not only scaled macro dynamics with true conviction and very rapidly so (truly ideal for bombastic symphonica), it worked a treat in the opposite direction. Here theHRS-120 hung together down into whisper levels without any bleaching or shifts in tonal balance.”

“My own 10 reasons for saying yes. For being white to match my subwoofer; for working in my shortwall orientation where the B10's horizontally opposed 10-inchers overload in the bass to only work in theupstairs long-wall system; for being an ideal townhouse whisperer without any of the side effects of traditional 100dB widebanders; for sealed not ported bass; for sounding like good tube-based analogwith affordable transistors and digital; for making 320kbps Spotify+ streams sound most respectable; for what is a fundamentally different closer-to-live gestalt than conventional speakers; for all that at livingroomfriendly dimensions and a back-happy weight whilst being full-range enough to only warrant subular assist below 35Hz...”


“...I won't be returning this pair. It replaces my costlier Aries Cerat Gladius which moved to new owners. The German Physiks HRS-120 is truly fantastic in a very non-audiophile real music way. Another uniqueaspect is that across their entire lineup from €5,900/pr cheapest to €276.000/pr stratospheric model, German Physiks always use the same DDD driver. Due to its wide bandwidth this creates a solid coresignature shared between all models. No other company does that to this extent. I thus needn't audition the €9.450/pr Unlimited MkII with its simpler four-sided box to include it in my award with full confidence.One naturally expects the price/performance ratio to shrink in the other direction. This most likely makes the HRS-120 the hottest buy in this unique speaker portfolio.”


Our thanks to Srajan for the hard work he has put in to making a detailed and thoughtful review. We hope the HRS-120s will bring him many hours of listening pleasure.


Please click here to see the full review.


Please click here to see the HRS-120 web page.



May 27th                                                  High End 2013, Munich, Germany

This year’s High End Show in Munich was our best and busiest yet. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to come and see us and especially to Mr. Glisovic and his staff atthe High End Society. They provided us with a superb show, again, and they were a joy to work with. We were very encouraged by the continued rise in interest in omnidirectional loudspeakers, and ofcourse by the continued increase in interest in German Physiks loudspeakers.





We brought four of our models to the show this year. The loudspeakers shown above are our HRS-120s. The finish is a rather eye-catching high-gloss white. This finish completely transforms the outlookof the HRS-120, compared to the wood finishes we usually employ 



Also on demonstration was a set of Borderland MK IVs in a high-gloss black finish. The Borderand was our first loudspeaker and originally appeared in 1992. It has gone through several upgrades over theyears, but remains our most popular model. Its 12-inch woofer filled the room with satisfyingly deep bass. It also gave us the potential to effectively reply in kind to the enthusiastic exhibitor next door, whowas bent on sharing their love of very loud heavy metal music with us. We didn’t use this weapon though. We chose to play at a reasonable volume and many visitors told how much they preferred this.Our room provided an oasis for those who found some of the louder rooms a bit too much.






Our third exhibit was our entry-level model, the Unlimited MK II. This was finished in black satin acoustic vinyl. The Unlimited Mk II uses exactly the same DDD driver as our flagship Gaudi Mk II so provides aperfect introduction to “the German Physiks experience”.





A late edition to our exhibit was our Unicorn Mk II. This attracted a lot of attention from our German visitors as it has recently received a very good review in the German high-end audio press. TheUnicorn has a distinctive look, which we recognise is not to everyone’s taste, but it will charm you in other ways. If you are familiar with horns and appreciate their virtues, then you are likely to enjoy theUnicorn. In the version shown here, a single carbon fibre DDD driver covers the entire range from 40Hz all the way to 24,000Hz, so there is no crossover point anywhere, just a pleasingly coherent sound fromtop to bottom. The bass comes from the horn mouth at the foot of the cabinet, and this is perfectly in step with the rest of the audio range, as well a being very fast. The Unicorn excels with classical, vocaland jazz music. The 0dB point is 40 Hz and the -3dB point has been measured as 32Hz, enabling the Unicorn to also play heavy rock very competently. It passes our Edgar Winter Frankenstein test.



The electronics for the room were provided by our friends Vitus Audio from Denmark, who loaned their RCD-100 CD player and RI-100J integrated amplifier. Both units performed impeccably and gave us agreat sound. This is the third show where we have used these models and we can highly recommend them. The amplifier can provide 300W into 8 ohms and do so with a great deal of finesse.


For more information, please visit the Vitus Audio web site at: www.vitusaudio.com .


Also our thanks to Björn Ohlson of Solid Tech In Sweden for the loan of his Radius Solo 4 rack. This rack is very quick and easy to assemble and it provided a very solid support for the electronics. It had notrouble at all in coping with the Vitus amplifier, which weighs 42kg. It also looked great. This is another product we can highly recommend.


For more information, please visit the Solid Tech web site at www.solid-tech.net





We also want to thank Ralf Mueller (L) and Harald Knoll (R) from German Physiks for their hard work.
They were very busy for several days prior to the show, preparing and packing everything, then they got up at 4 a.m. on the set-up day to drive it all in a truck to Munich, where they unloaded it all and helped tobuild up the room. They then came back after show, repacked everything and drove back it back to thefactory. Thank you both.



May 25th    Unlimited Mk II Review in Tone Audio

Jeff Dorgay, the editor of ToneAudio in the USA has just published the third and final installment of his long-term review of our Unlimited Mk II loudspeakers. Jeff has spent a lot of time to write a very detailed and perceptive review of these loudspeakers, in which he has clearly identified their many strengths. We thank him for his patience and for his help in spreading the word about German Physiks loudspeakers. Here are a few of his comments:


"Those loving the seamless sound of an ESL, but not terribly fond of the single person sweet spot that they provide, will appreciate the wide dispersion characteristics of the Unlimited."

"The German Physiks Unlimiteds redefine the audiophile phrase, "the speakers disappear in the room." Spend about 10-20 minutes optimizing the placement and you will forget you even have speakers in the room. Very cool."

"Perhaps the highest compliment I can pay these speakers after extended listening is that they will improve in sound quality as you keep upgrading your equipment and are not out of place in a mega system, making them perfect for the audiophile not having a large room, not wanting to give up sound quality."

"They are not at all finicky and great results are achieved with entry-level electronics; so this is a speaker you can buy with long-term system aspirations even if you don't have the spare change to buy the whole system in one go." 

"The Unlimiteds high resolution makes listening sessions fun, re-discovering favorite recordings mining low level details that may have been lost or diminished via other speakers."


"No matter how dense the mix, the Unlimiteds are masters of keeping the pace rock solid - something my favorite electrostats struggle with when there is a heavy bass line present." 

"The wide, spacious sound of these speakers gives real instruments more room to breathe. The lightening fast attack of the DDD driver does not blur drums and percussion in the least and cymbals fade out with an ease that fools you into thinking you are hearing the real thing."


"This clarity extends to the vocal range, male and female. Again, the extreme clarity these speakers provide give vocals a sense of immediacy that is tough to beat. Thanks to that low 200Hz crossover, the DDD driver handles it all, not breaking up the coherency with a crossover network."

"As well as the German Physiks Unlimited speakers perform on a wide variety of music, one of their best attributes is how user friendly they are, as I mentioned in part one of this review. This is a speaker system that requires precious little fuss to setup, so you go instantly to enjoying your music when you bring a pair home."


"The entire line of German Physiks speakers, due to their omnidirectional nature, are incredibly easy to place, not requiring a tuned room to give their best performance. This was readily apparent from the minute we unboxed them, making for the shortest set up we've ever encountered. The major upside here is that the Unlimiteds will sound just as good, if not better than what you'll hear at your dealer."

"Living with the German Physiks Unlimited II loudspeakers has proved illuminating in many ways. This is a pair of speakers that can be used in virtually any environment with a wide range of amplification, and requires minimal set up fuss. Their tiny footprint and contemporary shape should also help them to blend into any décor situation as well.

"Highly recommended."


The three parts of the review may be found at:

Part 1: http://bit.ly/10BZAgT
Part 2: http://bit.ly/11Rn03L
Part 3: http://bit.ly/14CPG1R

Please click here to view the Unlimited Mk II web page. 


Please click here to view the Tone Audio home page.





March 21st                   Article about German Physiks in the Spanish Magazine AV Premium



For our Spanish readers there is a nice article about German Physiks, our philosphy and our products in the Spanish audio magazine AV Premium.


To download the whole article in pdf format please click here.