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October 12th to 14th       Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver, USA


This will be held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center hotel. We will be in room 1025 with our US distributor Laufer Teknik , where we will be playing our entry-level, but very good, Unlimited Mk II loudspeakers . We will be using new RI-100 integrated amplifier and RCD-100 CD player from Vitus Audio in Denmark. We used these at the Munich Show this year and they helped us produce a really nice sound. 


Please come and see us. You are welcome to bring your CDs to our room and we will gladly play them for you.


Please click here to visit the show organiser’s web site. 






General News  



May 9th                     High End 2012, Munich, Germany


Each Munich High End Show we have attended so far has been busier than the last and this year was no exception. We were consistently busy from the time the show opened until it closed and even Sunday was noticeably busier than last year. We would like to thank everyone who came to see us and made it such a successful show.

Unicorn Mk II

Unicorn Mk II DDD driver

Our main demonstration was our Unicorn Mk II. This was chosen for two reasons. Firstly the German audio magazine HiFi Vision published an excellent review of the Unicorn recently, which has appeared in both German and English and this has lead to a significant increase in sales of this model. The reviewer said that the Unicorn was "the best full-range design in the world" and we would not be so rude as to disagree. The English version of this review may be found here.

Secondly the DDD driver on the Unicorn covers the entire range from 40Hz to 24kHz, which enables this model to give the best possible demonstration of the amazing capability of this unique driver. A horn system is required to produce the very low bass and this accounts for the Unicorn’s unconventional looks. This is really a case of form having to follow function and some people may find that the Unicorn’s form takes a little getting used to. However few would question the amazing clarity and coherence that the Unicorn can produce. Especially impressive is the speed of the bass, which is deep enough to keep most rock fans happy, unless they are intent on driving out their next-door neighbours. We have the Gaudi Mk II for this.

We also played our HRS-120 shown here in carbon fibre and white and our Unlimited Mk II loudspeakers, shown here in brown, a popular finish in Germany. They are also available in white, black and grey

On display were (left to right), the PQS-100, the PQS-100 Plus and the PQS-202 Mk II. The PQS-100 and the PQS-100 Plus are primarily intended for high quality home theatre systems and may be mounted directly on to the wall. The PQS-202 Mk II may be used as the main channels in a home theatre system or in high-end stereo system.

The carbon fibre DDD driver on the PQS-202 Mk II covers the range from 24kHz to 250Hz.

An upward firing 6-inch woofer covers the range from 250Hz to 120Hz ….

… and a side mounted 12-inch sub-woofer takes over from 120Hz down to 35Hz.

Felix Avalos from Fono Acustica in Spain. Felix used a pair of our Borderland Mk IVs as part of a system for demonstrating his new line of very high quality interconnect, loudspeaker and power cables. We are grateful to Felix for choosing German Physiks for his demonstration.

This picture of the Unlimited Mk II, HRS-120 and Borderland Mk IV in our window display gives a good indication of their relative sizes. They all use the same carbon fibre DDD driver, but have different bass systems.

We were very happy with the sound we achieved in the room, but this would not have been possible without help from some of our friends. We thank Vitus Audio from Denmark for the loan of their excellent new RI-100 integrated amplifier and RCD-100 CD player. Standing next to the rack is Alexander Vitus.

Our thanks also to Björn Ohlson from Solid Tech in Sweden for the loan of their Radius Solo 4 rack. This looked very smart with the Vitus amplifier and CD player and as the names suggests, it rovided a very solid and stable platform for the electronics.

The cables for our system were provided by Burhard Weskamp of TTAF, who also helped to run the room with some of his colleagues.

We would also like to thank the many people who came to see us. These include: Robert Devcic from our distributor in Croatia, HD INFO. Robert is opening a new showroom later this year in Zagreb and we will post pictures of this when they are available.

Mr. Ivan Kirov and Gergana Boeva from our distributor in Bulgaria, Kirov High-End. They continue to work very hard on our behalf in a market that is very new to high-end audio. Gergana showed us some very interesting publicity photographs they had recently shot. These may be found on their Facebook page.

David San Emeterio and Frédéric Pellé from our French distributor Sound Arts Network. They kindly brought us some very nice chocolate from France. Needless to say this did not last long. They also brought along a copy of the French magazine Haute Fidélité to show us a new, and complimentary, review of the Unlimited Mk II.

Thomas Sætervadet from our Norwegian distributor Hoium Hi-Fi. Thomas is a big fan of the Unlimited, Mk II, having launched them in Norway at the Horten show last year where they attracted a lot of interest because of the large sound stage they produced. This is a characteristic of all of our loudspeakers.

Pedro M. Asencio from our Spanish distributor Sound Sevilla. Pedro is a great enthusiast of German Physiks loudspeakers and one of the nicest people in the audio industry. It is always a pleasure to spend time with Pedro whose passion for music and high-end audio makes him a wonderful ambassador for German Physiks.

Hideki Imai from our Japanese distributor CS Field Associates. We visited their showroom in Toyama recently and were amazed by their collection of classic Japanese high-end audio products. This included the well-known Nakamichi 1000 cassette machine, as well as a very rare Terragakki turntable. This was a very high quality unit, but only a very small number were made and few if any were exported.

Mr. Homayon Khorrami from Khalij Hi-Fi Components in Iran. Despite not being able to speak each others' languages very well, we were able to communicate through our mutual passion for music and high-end audio. We are looking forward to working with Mr. Khorrami and his colleague Farzad in the near future.

Slobodan Miljkovic from BM Audio in Serbia. This was our first time to meet, though we have been talking for some time. We are looking forward to working with Slobdan in the future.

Robert Harley from the US high-end audio magazine The Absolute Sound. Mr. Harley had a very tight schedule at the show and we are grateful he was able to visit us and spend some time listening to the Unicorns. He also brought along a great CD by Jimmy Cobb, Jazz in the Key of Blue.

Yoshinori Tachihara from the Japanese high-end audio magazine Audio Accessory. Audio Accessory is well worth looking at even if you cannot read Japanese, as it is filled with photographs of interesting audio equipment, from the very latest models to horn loudspeakers going back to the 1930s.

Dave Cawley from Sound Hi Fi in the UK with his wife, Jill. In addition to running a successful hi-fi shop, Dave has produced some very effective and well-engineered modifications for the Technics SL1200 direct drive turntable. These produce a major improvement in sound quality. If you are a fan of the Technics players, you are advised to seek Dave out to see what he can do to make yours sound even better.

Matthieu Latour and Jean-Pascal Panchard from Nagra in Switzerland. Although not snapped in our room, they did come and visit us so here they are.

Last in our list of friends but by no means least, Andrew Wan (left) and Sam Lui (right) from Top Division in Hong Kong. Andrew and Sam have just started their own company after working for some time with our Hong Kong distributor German Physiks Asia and they continue to support German Physiks in Hong Kong and China.

Finally we offer thanks to the High End Society and the staff of the MOC Centre for putting on an excellent show and we look forward to the High End Show in 2013. We hope we will see you there.