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December 1st                German Physiks Appoints New Distributor in Denmark


We are pleased to announce the appointment of PS Audio as our new distributor in Denmark. They will also cover Finland, Greenland and Iceland for us. Peter Selmer, the owner of the company, is highly respected in the audio industry. Peter founded PS Audio in 1986 with another colleague and they operated initially as a hi-fi club, where they built custom record players for other enthusiasts using commercially available turntables, arms and cartridges. The hi-fi club evolved into a hi-fi store and in the early 1990s they started their distribution activities. With so many years of experience, we have every confidence that Peter and his team of professionals will provide our customers with a very high level of service. This will be enhanced by the many excellent electronics lines they have in their product range.  






November 30th              German Physiks Appoints New Distributor in France  


German Physiks Appoints New Distributor in France We are very happy to announce the appointment of Sound Arts Network as our new distributor in France. David San Emeterio, the owner of the company, has extensive experience in the high-end audio industry, which we are confident will ensure that our customers in France receive the best possible service. Sound Arts Network has high quality lines of tube and solid-state electronics. This will enable them to assemble a wide range of excellent sounding systems with our loudspeakers.  We look forward to a long and successful partnership.  





November 22nd                 HRS-120s Provide the Music for and Exhibition of Jazz LP Cover Art


HRS-120s Provide the Music for and Exhibition of Jazz LP Cover Art

Our HRS-120 loudspeakers were part of a system provided by our distributor in Bulgaria, Kirov High-End, for use in an exhibition of jazz LP cover art called "Somethin' Else", which was held recently at the PhotoSynthesis Art Gallery in Sofia.  The HRS-120s were played throughout the duration of the exhibition and provided music to accompany exhibits of cover art from albums by jazz greats including Miles Davis, Tina Brooks, John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck, Bill Evans, Johnny Griffin and Billie Holiday. Gergana Boeva from Kirov told us, "The exhibition attracted a lot of audio aficionados and jazz fans.  It was covered by many online and printed media, and even national television.  There was also very positive feedback all over the internet - in social networks and forums".  Our thanks to Gergana and her colleagues for their hard work.



November 15th                      German Physiks Appoints New Distributor in Australia


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Absolute Hi End as our new distributor in Australia.  Their owner, Boris Granovsky, has assembled some of the world's finest audiophile brands and we are very proud that he has selected German Physiks loudspeakers to join them.  We look forward to working with Mr. Granovsky to bring our products to a wider audience in Australia.




October 24th                     Zagreb AV Show 2011, Zagreb, Croatia


 Zagreb AV Show 2011

This was held at the Sheraton Hotel Zagreb.  Our distributor in Croatia, HDmultimedia, demonstrated a pair of German Physiks HRS-120 loudspeakers. These were finished in carbon fibre and fitted with carbon fibre DDD drivers. The owner of HDmultimedia, Robert Devcic, said that many of the customers who heard the demonstrations commented on the, “exceptional sound-stage rendering and natural sound”. Our thanks to the visitors who came to see us and to Mr. Devcic for all his hard work at the show.



October 18th                    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver, USA


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver, USA

At this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest we launched our new Unlimited Mk II loudspeakers. Despite the usual limitations of demonstrating in a hotel room, many visitors commented on how wide and deep the sound-stage was and how they could enjoy it from a wide range of positions in the room. A lot of visitors were also impressed with how much detail they could hear in the music, with many coming back for second and even third listens. These are the hallmarks of our DDD driver, which all of our loudspeakers use and we were very pleased to be able to introduce this to so many people. 

This show was without doubt the most successful show that German Physiks has done in the USA and we would like to thank everyone who came to see us and helped make it such a success. Our thanks also to our distributor Sam Laufer and his team and a very special thanks to the show organizer, Marjorie Baumert and her army of volunteers. 

Not only is the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest a world-class audio show, more importantly it is also great fun. If you can only visit one high-end audio show in the USA, then it has to be the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.  There is a vast range of interesting products on demonstration and lots of like-minded music lovers to meet and exchange ideas with.  In addition, the venue, The Marriott Hotel, has an excellent restaurant and bar where you can relax in the evenings after a hard day enjoying yourself.   We are already looking forward to next year.




August 19th                     Borderland Mk IV Reviewed in Dagogo Magazine


Our Borderland Mk IV loudspeakers have just received a stellar review by Greg Petan in the US audio magazine Dagogo.  Here are a few highlights: 


"The mid band is simply stunning."


"The ability of the Borderland to reveal inner detail is staggering."


"Wonderful openness describes the bass as well."


"Micro dynamics are spritely and very nicely integrated into view."


" The imaging and staging sounded and appeared not only great in the sweet spot but from anywhere in the house. This may sound like a pound of bull, but I could “hear” the staging and imaging from an adjacent room - the sound is that well specified in both the space and the definition of the image itself.


“The Borderlands are lively not only because of their transient speed, but also their dynamic response. Micro dynamics are spritely and very nicely integrated into view. The larger scale thrusts come on with outstanding power and control allowing for shades and gradients that bolster the spontaneity mentioned earlier.”


Greg summed up his thoughts: 


"Could I live with the Borderland over the long haul? You bet. Despite it sounding different in the ways I described from what I’m used to, it took little time to fall for its many charms. Stellar top-to-bottom coherency, speed and dynamics make for a solid foundation upon which the bass with its power, speed and pitch make it a bass-freaks’ master. The rest of the spectrum is just as well rendered with an infinitely open and detailed sound."


We thank Greg for taking the time to get to know the Borderland and for writing such a detailed review.


To read the full review please click here.


Visit the Dagogo web site at





July 27th                           German Physiks Appoints New Distributor in Spain


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Pedro M. Asencio and his company Sound Sevilla as our new distributor in Spain. Mr. Asencio made the decision to take German Physiks on after meeting us and hearing our demonstration at the Munich High End Show earlier this year. We are very happy to be able to work with Sound Sevilla and look forward to a long and successful partnership. 






July 24th                            TAA International Hi-End Hi-Fi Show 2011, Taipei, Taiwan

TAA International


This year we played our Emperor loudspeakers using electronics from Boulder Amplifiers in the USA. The Emperor is the next model down from our top of the range Gaudi. It uses four of our DDD drivers, four 6-inch long throw woofers and two 12-inch sub-woofers. The overall frequency response of the Emperor is 18Hz to 24kHz, but the DDD drivers cover most of this, starting at 180Hz and going all the way up to 24kHz.

TAA International


Like the Gaudi, the four DDD drivers are mounted on an arm that can be moved backward and forwards. This allows the phase of the DDD drivers relative to the bass system to be easily adjusted. This particular pair of Emperors was fitted with carbon fibre coned DDD drivers and finished in carbon fibre.


We received a lot of complimentary feedback from visitors to our room on the sound quality. We would like to thank to everyone who took time to come and visit us and especially our distributor in Taiwan, Mr, Chih Hong Yen and his team from Bun Hong Trading, for all their hard work in making the show a success.





June 1st                            Limited 11 Reviewed in Hi-Fi World


David Price, the editor of the UK’s Hi-Fi World magazine has reviewed our Limited 11 loudspeakers in their June issue and was impressed with what he heard.


“Well, dropping the stylus on the A side of Kraftwek’s’ ‘Computerwelt’ reminded me that electronic music, which of course has no natural acoustic signature, can be just as honest a test of a transducer. The Limited 11s immediately sounded dexterous, subtle and detailed; the bassline was bouncy yet tight, midband was breathtakingly expansive yet precise and crisp and sonorous.  This track’s metronomic beat showed the fleet footedness of the of the DDD driver; it can stop and start with agility, giving very little ‘hangover’ from the last excursion it’s asked to make.”


“Moving to Herbie Hancock’s ‘The prisoner’, a lovely piece of late sixties jazz and these speakers showed themselves to have tonal purity that’s unexpected even in products of this price”


“Acoustic Triangle’s ‘Placet Futile’, startling well recorded on SACD, showcased the tonal purity and unbridled evenness of these loudspeakers.  The Limited 11s thrived with sparkling harmonics from the piano, a wonderfully tangible clarinet and a profound sense of air and space.  They let the recording’s flavour pour out into my listening room, as if the studio barrier had been breached and the music was overflowing. The location of the respective instruments, and indeed the microphones capturing them was laid before me with forensic accuracy.”


“The Rondo from Mozart’s ‘Wind of Serenades’ (Chamber Soloists of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) again proved the Limited 11’s mettle; a deliciously accurate tone to the brass and woodwind, plus acres of air and everything held in perfect proportion.”


“As a package they’re brilliant, giving essence of German Physiks’ to a far wider market and in some ways giving away little or no performance to boot.  If you want a spacious, even, clean and precise sounding loudspeaker for a medium to largish room – and listen to most types of music – then they’re first rate contenders.”


“Verdict: expansive beyond almost all others in its class, this superb loudspeaker is for lovers of crisp, accurate, neutral and open sound.”


As usual, David took the time to get to know the loudspeakers and find the best position in his room.  We thank him for his professionalism.


To download the review as a pdf (2.2M) please click here.


Visit the Hi-Fi World web site at





May 22nd                          HIGH END 2011, Munich, Germany


This year were even busier than last year.  The loudspeakers we played were the PQS-302 and the Limited 11. The analogue front end, pre and power amplifiers were provided by our friends at Brinkman Audio.


As can be seen, the PQS-302s we used for the show were finished in a very eye-catching satin white. They certainly attracted a lot of attention, both for their looks and their sound. The PQS 302 has recently been chosen as the new reference loudspeaker by the German high-end audio magazine Stereoplay and this lead to a lot of interest from German visitors to our room.


The Limited 11s attracted even more attention. When we played them we had to leave the PQS-302s in situ, due to a lack of space. Despite the limitations imposed by the difficult acoustics of the room, the Limited 11s provided an excellent sound: very nicely balanced with surprisingly clean and extended bass. Many people told us that they sounded like a much larger loudspeaker. When they were being demonstrated, even though we took the loudspeaker cables away from the PQS-302s and put a sign on top of them saying “Playing Now”, many people still thought we were running the bigger loudspeakers.


We received orders for several pairs of Limited 11s during the show and nearly all of the 100 pairs of this limited production model have now been sold. The demand for the Limited 11 has been much greater than we expected, so we will re-introduce this design in August as a permanent part of our range. It will be called the Unlimited Mk II and will be available in three extra colours – white, black and dark brown.  We are taking orders for the Unlimited Mk II now.

GERMAN PHYSIKS Emperor loudspeakers

On static display we had a pair of our Emperor loudspeakers. This was one of a pair finished in carbon fibre that was going to be shipped to our distributor in Taiwan after the show. The wall at the end of the room where we had the Emperors positioned was made entirely of glass, so everyone passing our room could see them. As a result, we had a constant stream of people coming in to photograph them, or have themselves photographed with the loudspeakers.


We would like to than everyone who came to see us.  We would also like to thank the staff of the High End Society for all their hard work and for helping to make the show such a success for us.   We are looking forward to Munich 2012.






April 2nd                          HRS-120 Reviewed in Tone Audio


A stunningly good review of the HRS-120 has just been published in the US high-end audio web magazine Tone Audio. The review was written by their editor, Jeff Dorgay. Jeff has clearly understood what is so special about these loudspeakers and he expresses this with great clarity.


Usually it is fairly easy to select the most important parts of a review, because in most cases there will just be two or three sections that really stand out. This review posed a problem, because there we so many good parts and they all illustrated key points about the HRS-120. We tried to select the two or three most important ones, but eventually gave up, as they were all equally important, so here they are:


“I found the HRS-120 very easy to set up, and though it took about 20 minutes to optimize, these speakers provided the best sound I’ve yet heard, just “throwing them in the room,” with no attention paid to setup at all – they are the epitome of user friendliness. At 65 pounds each, they are relatively easy to move around.”


“In my 11 x 17 room which is notorious for bass suck out, and has limited speaker placement options, the HRS-120 came through brilliantly and other than the Meridian DSP7200’s (which use active, digital room correction) offered up some of the most natural sound and solid bass I’ve experienced in this relatively difficult room. So, for ease of setup and placement, the HRS-120’s get a grade of A+.”


“My first experience with the HRS-120’s was at CES, powered by the 25 watt, Class –A Vitus monoblocks, which was a fantastic experience. The speakers exhibited a very open, dynamic sound, with solid, well damped bass.”


“Even though the HRS-120’s have a rated sensitivity of about 87db, they proved to be very easy to drive and even the First Watt F4, which is only rated at 25 watts per channel (class –A), had no problem driving the speakers to decent levels. The McIntosh MC275 (75 watts/channel, vacuum tubes) was able to really rock the HRS-120s with no difficulties, and the highly resolving nature of these speakers easily revealed the differences in sonic character between the tubes and solid-state amplifiers.”


“I did have the best luck, especially in my larger room with the additional power of the Conrad Johnson Premier 350. With 350 watts per channel on tap, I could play anything I wanted at any level, without strain.”


“As I hinted at the beginning of the review, the omnidirectional abilities of these speakers really throws a huge sweet spot. If you enjoy the transparency of a panel speaker, but have always craved a larger listening area, the HRS-120 may be exactly what you are looking for. Even significantly off axis, these speakers still present a very coherent soundstage.”


“No matter what music I played, the HRS-120 did a fantastic job. Especially with the Premier 350, I could achieve realistic volume and dynamics with my favorite rock records (which I can’t achieve with my Magnepans).”


“Jazz and vocal music lovers will be in absolute heaven with these speakers. The instruments just seem to float in space, much as they do at a live performance. My living room was transformed into a jazz club with the HRS-120s and thanks to their dispersion, even a room full of guests could enjoy the show. ”


“The airy presentation of the HRS-120s also really lent themselves to electronic music too. Jean Michel Jarre’s Zoolook, a longtime trippy favorite was absolutely haunting thanks to the huge soundfield these speakers presented.”


“Those loving string and vocal ensembles will appreciate the lack of crossover in the mid to upper midrange region."


"These speakers do an exceptional job with piano and violin, with vocals never sounding pushed or harsh.”


“If your taste in music is more in this vein and not quite as requiring of full scale dynamics, you may even prefer the HRS-120’s with a tube amplifier, as the additional warmth makes for a very enjoyable presentation. Those hooked on solo female vocals will appreciate the hyper –realism that some tubes bring to the equation.”


In his conclusion Jeff said:


“The German Physiks HRS-120 speakers, though unconventional in appearance and approach, offer a highly realistic musical experience. While these are by no means a budget speaker system, they are exceptionally well built and offer performance that is in keeping with their asking price. They require precious little floor space and thanks to the ease of setup, offer more versatility than a number of other high performance (and similarly priced) speakers.”


Our thanks to Jeff, for taking the time to really understand the HRS-120 and our thanks to Tone Audio for permission to reproduce these quotes.


Click here to view the full review.


Click here to visit the Tone Audio home page.