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2nd October 2009


German Physiks at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver, Colorado, USA
German Physiks at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver, Colorado, USA
































This year we demonstrated a set of our Borderland Mk IV loudspeakers with carbon fibre DDD drivers driven by a pair of Vitus Audio SM-010 mono block amplifiers.  These were set to class A mode in which they produce just 40W, but this was more than sufficient to drive the room to high levels without any hint of distortion or other distress, while producing 3 dimensional and detailed stereo images. It just goes to show that you don’t need a big amplifier to drive German Physiks loudspeakers, just a good one.  We would like to thank everyone who came to see us and especially the many people who were so complimentary about our sound.  It was a good sound by any standard and for a show it was exceptional.


We would also like to thank Darren Censullo of Avatar Acoustics who kindly lent us his Acoustic System Resonators and for his time in tuning our room. 


The biggest thanks must go to Marjorie Baumert and her staff for such a well organised and enjoyable show.  The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was fun like audio shows used to be and should be.  We are looking forward to our next visit.




18th September 2009


German Physiks at the Guang Zhou High-End Audio Visual Show, Guang Zhou, China

German Physiks at the Guang Zhou High-End Audio Visual Show, Guang Zhou, China


































We had two large rooms at the show.  In our main room we showed our Emperor model.  This reference loudspeaker uses four of our carbon fibre DDD drivers and has a frequency response down to 18Hz.  They were demonstrated tri-amped using alternatively Vitus Audio SM-101 100W class A mono block amplifiers and Brinkmann Mono 150W mono block amplifiers.  In both cases the Emperors filled the room to realistic “live music” levels and we were able to create a strong impression of there being real musicians in the room.  The Emperor’s very well controlled and dynamic low bass together with the very realistic stereo imaging from the DDD drivers were especially convincing.  Visitors to the show felt the same, as demonstrations in this room were standing room only for much of the show.


German Physiks at the Guang Zhou High-End Audio Visual Show, Guang Zhou, China
German Physiks at the Guang Zhou High-End Audio Visual Show, Guang Zhou, China

In our second room, which was a big as the Emperor room, we had our new PQS-100 loudspeaker and PQS-Sub subwoofer, driven by a
Vitus Audio SS-101 50W class A integrated amplifier.  These two loudspeakers were originally designed for use in high-end home theatres and can be easily mounted directly on to the wall.  When mounted together, the clever design gives the appearance of a single cabinet.  The PQS-100 and PQS-Sub also make an excellent system for a high-end 2-channel set-up, as we were able to demonstrate, using specially made stands.  This small system filled the large room to very realistic listening levels, whilst producing a very well extended and clean bass and it did so in a very relaxed and natural manner.  Many people, including us, were surprised that such a small system could play so well in such a large room. 


During the show the Chinese web based high-end audio magazine presented us with the Speaker System of the Year Award for the German Physiks Carbon Mk IV. Our sincere thanks to the editor to for this honour.


We would like to thank our colleagues at German Physiks Asia for their hard work in organising and running our rooms at the show.   We would also like to thank the people of Guang Zhou for coming to see us and for their enthusiasm. 




24th May 2009


German Physiks at High End® 09, Munich, Germany


The economic problems across Europe lead us to expect that this year’s Munich show would be a quite one.  We were wrong.  It was in fact very busy and attendance over the four days of the show was 13,677, just 1.6% down compared to last year.   Our stand was a combined display area and demonstration room in one of the main convention halls.  We demonstrated a set of our PQS-302 loudspeakers driven by Vitus Audio electronics. A lot of the time all the seats in our room were taken and on several occasions it was standing room only.  


Despite the limitations of the booth construction, we were able to produce a very good sound.  In fact it was good enough for Soundstage magazine to give us a “Standout Demo Award”. Please click here to see the full details of the award on their web site.


Our thanks to all who came to see us.  Our special thanks to the show organisers for putting on such a well organised and enjoyable show.  If you can only attend one audio show in Europe, it should be Munich.





11th January 2009


German Physiks at the 2009 CES, Las Vegas, USA 


Despite predictions that this would be a quiet show, we were very busy and had a very successful 4 days.  In our main room we demonstrated a set of our Unicorn loudspeakers with carbon fibre DDD drivers. These single driver, full range loudspeakers produced a large, 3-dimensional stereo image with an impressive sense of coherence across the frequency range. Visitors were amazed at the musicality and fine detail they heard from the Unicorns.  They were also amazed that they could hear a good stereo image pretty much wherever they sat, or stood in the room.   Many people were coming back for second and third listens and one well known electronics manufacturer was so impressed that they ordered a set for use as a reference when auditioning new designs. 


We received some nice comments on the web reviews of the show. Wes Phillips from Stereophile commented:


“I initially listened to the Unicorns waaay over against the wall, but I still gota coherent, solid soundstage. When I sat in the sweet spot, I essentially heard what I'd heard over to the side—only a tad more of it. The more I learn about hi-fi, the more I find I need to unlearn. I always thought I didn't like 360° speaker designs, but it was specific designs I didn't care for. The Unicorns were fast, focused, and convincing.”


Dave and Carol Clarke from Positive Feedback commented:


“Audio Oasis. German Physiks showed the new Unicorn MKII loudspeakers which will retail at $21,917 a pair. Incredible sound, lots of deep bass. Amazing dynamics. WAY, WAY cool.”


Our thanks to Ayre Acoustics who loaned us their C-5xe universal player, K-5xe preamplifier, V-5xe power amplifier and L-5xe line filter and to Audioquest who provided all the cables for this system.


In the Vitus Audio room we had a pair of HRS120 loudspeakers, with carbon fibre DDD drivers and the rather stylish carbon fibre cabinets.  Amplification was the new Vitus SM-010 mono amplifiers and L-010 preamplifier, with the source alternating between the Vitus SCD-010 CD player and the Bergmann turntable. 


Jim Hannon commented:


        “….the Bergmann front-end, coupled with German Physiks speakers wasproducing a huge soundstage with space between the performers across a blackbackground….”


Our thanks to Hans Ole Vitus of Vitus Audio for his support.  


We finished the 4 days of the show happy in the knowledge that a lot more people now understood what is so special about German Physiks.


Our thanks to Stereophile, Positive Feedback and, for permission to reproduce quotes from their publications.


Last, but not least, our thanks to the good folks at the Peppermill.  This fine restaurant on The Strip provided us with excellent food at all hours of the day and night and made the stress of being at the CES a lot more bearable.  Long may they prosper. We’ll be back.