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12th October 2008


German Physiks Exhibits at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver, Colorado 

On October 12th we completed our first outing at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver Colorado, with our US distributor The Signal Collection.  We demonstrated a 5 channel system using our HRS 120 loudspeakers.  The source was a prototype music server from AIX Records playing 24 bit 96kHz material that they had recorded themselves.  Our thanks to Dr. Mark Waldrep, President of AIX Records, for making this available to us.  This system provided the HRS 120s with a very dynamic and transparent signal and allowed them to show off their capabilities.


Many visitors remarked how immersive the experience was, and how the speakers never called attention to themselves, which is of course as it should be.

Please click here for more information on the HRS 120. 


Our thanks to Chris Sommovigo and to Dr. Waldrep for helping to make our exhibit a success and especially to all of you who took the time to come and see us.  




5th October 2008


German Physiks Exhibits at the International Audio Show, Tokyo, Japan


We successfully completed the International Audio Show on October 5th.  This was held over 3 days at the Tokyo International Forum, in the very centre of Tokyo. We demonstrated our Carbon Mk IV and Troubadour 80 models. Formal presentations were made to full houses by the leading Japanese audio critic Mr. Isao Yanagizawa and also by the staff of our Japanese distributor Zephyrn.  The official attendance figure from the venue management for the 3 days was 10,932 visitors and we would like to thank everyone who came to see us.  We would also like to thank all the Zephyrn staff who worked so hard to make the show a success for us. 




21st  September 2008

German Physiks Exhibits at the Top Audio Show,
Milan, Italy


We successfully completed the Top Audio Show on September 21st.  This was held over 3 days at the Quark Hotel in Milan. We had apresence in two rooms.  Our distributor LP Audio demonstrated a set of Carbon Mk IVs driven by Viola electronics in their room and a second pair of Borderland Mk IVs was in action in the Angstrom Research room, where it was making nice sounds with their tube amplifiers.


Our thanks to for posting some nice pictures of both rooms in their show report.  Please click here and scroll down the page to view.


Most importantly, our thanks to the many visitors who came to see and hear us.




1stJuly 2008

German Physiks Appoints Kirov High-End Ltd astheir distributor in Bulgaria


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Kirov High-End Ltd., as our distributor in Bulgaria.  Kirov is a major power in a wide range of business sectors.  They have considerable commercial experience, which will be of great benefit to our customers in Bulgaria and we are very happy to be able to work with them.




1stJune 2008


German Physiks Appoints Audio System as their distributor in Poland


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Audio System as our distributor in Poland.  Audio System are one of the leading high end audio distributors in Poland and we have every confidence that they will provide excellent service and support for our customers in the country.




1st June 2008


German Physiks Appoints PT. Aurora International as their distributor in Indonesia


We are pleased to announce the appointment of PT. Aurora International as our distributor in Indonesia.  Aurora is a well established company with a long and successful track record in high-end audio distributionand sales. We are confident that our customers in Indonesia could not be in better hands and we are looking forward to working with them.



st June 2008


German Physiks HRS 120 Receives Excellent Review in Hi Fi World Magazine


David Price, editor of the leading UK high-end audio magazine Hi-Fi World, has written a glowing review of the HRS 120 speakers in their July 2008 issue.  The version reviewed was fitted with the carbon fibre DDD driver. The full review will be posted shortly.Below are a few of the review’s highlights.


“Supertramp’s “Child of Vision” showcased the space, pace and grace ofthe HRS 120.  It’s a fine CD transcription of a quite bright spry sounding original recording, and these loudspeakers communicated precisely this.  Most striking was the seamlessness of the sound; not onlywas it vast in scale but utterly even and all of-a-piece.  Hearing these omnis shows you how intrusive multiple drivers of different sizes firing right at you can sound – there was no sense of listening to a loudspeaker. The tone of the electric piano was startling – beautifully clean and direct, yet lightning fast and ringing with harmonics.  Vocals were completely unspoilt by the sound of little cones heave-ho’ing in front of you – and tonally dry but vibrant all the same.


Moving higher up, the cymbal sound was truly impressive…. Hi-Hats were smooth and very subtly etched; there was no sense of listening to a large cone trying to ‘do’ treble, the HRS 120 sounding just as finessed as almost any small metal dome tweeter I’ve heard.  This great subtlety and detail up top, allied to that vast spatiality make for a lovely listen.”


“My favourite classic Philips vinyl pressing of Debussy’s ‘preludes’ showed the beautiful subtlety of these loudspeakers; piano tone was remarkable. Sparkling harmonics – thanks in no small part to the great bandwidth of black plastic via a decent moving coil cartridge – made a dramatic impression, along with breath taking transients. The latter is something I hadn’t expected from such a big ‘cone’  (if you can call the DDD driver that) – the HRS 120 showcasing the pianist’s speed and control.    As the keys were hammered progressively harder through ‘La Cathedrale Engloute’, so these speakers were able to convey the power of the piece, evoking the cathedral’s emergence from the misty waters…”


“Once the system had been properly set-up, these loudspeakers shone with almost anything they were fed, but if there was one genre they loved more than any other, it was jazz courtesy of a pair of crossed microphones, fed straight into a two-track open reel.  Lou Donaldson’s ‘Alligator Bogaloo’courtesyof Blue Note records back in 1967, showed why.  The sheer size of the recorded acoustic was astounding, dwarfing even the mighty B & W 801Ds in my listening room.  Massive, smooth, even and uncoloured saxophones soared around my listening space, with life-size drums, churning hi-hats and adecently deep double bass – the player’s fingers marching up and down the fretboard with military precision.”


“Invest in an excellent pre-power amplifier combination and a decent smooth front end – either analogue or digital – and these will unlock the music held on the disc in a joyfully natural and unfettered way.  Superlative spatial projection and a wonderfully fast, even and open sound all the way up the scale make them exceptionally enjoyable. There are other loudspeakers at–or less than – their price that can do some other things better, but I can’t think of any which are such consummate all rounder’s – as such, they’re a brilliant appliance of science.”


Quotes courtesy of Hi Fi World magazine.  Copyright Hi-Fi World 2008




st April 2008  


German Physiks Borderland Mk IV Receives Excellent Review in Fedeltà del Suono Magazine


Andrea Della Sala and Paolo Di Marcoberardino of the Italian high-end audio magazine Fedeltà del Suono, have written an excellent review of the Borderland Mk IV loudspeakers in their April 2008 issue. The full review in the original Italian together with an English translation are posted on the Borderland Mk IV page.  Below are a few of the review’s highlights.


Andrea Della Sala commented:

“Starting with the upper frequency range, this is incredibly fast and silky smooth.”


“In the mid-range the Borderland offers stunning realism,with a sound that has great body and solidity, which at the same time is very open and airy.”


“…the low frequencies were extremely fast and this allowed for excellent integration with the mid and high frequencies, with no loss of coherency. “


“With this product German Physiks takes us to territories where just listening can be confused with reality. Some aspects of the Borderland’s performance are absolutely magical: the high and mid ranges; transparency and speed are of the highest levels possible today. “

Paolo Di Marcoberardino commented:

“On listening, the first thing I noticed was a mid-range that was absolutely beautiful in its realism. By this I mean natural, well-defined, airy, but most especially harmonically correct.  It was not left to the imagination what followed the fundamental note, which is the body of the “sound message”.  Instead it was presented in its entirety, so we did not have to imagine the tonalities, the ambient echoes within the original recording space or the natural tonal colours of the various instruments.” 


“The Borderland simply gave us everything; effortlessly and without fatigue.” 


“All the components of the sound picture were correctly presented and they moved coherently and fluidly without overlap.  The sound was never fatiguing, even at highlevels, thanks to the generous output from the amplifiers, and the Borderlands followed the dynamic patterns with perfect speed and great poise.”


“The imaging was authoritative, extended in depth, large, always accurate and allowed us to effortlessly imagine the placing of the objects within the sonic image and only when playing at the very highest levels was the image slightly enlarged.”


Quotes courtesy of Fedeltà del Suono magazine.  Copyright Fedeltà del Suono 2008




st April 2008


German Physiks HRS120 Receives Excellent Review in Suono Magazine


Carlo D’Ottavi and Fabio Masia have reviewed the HRS 120 for the April 2008 issue of the Italian high-end audio magazine Suono and the result isa big thumbs up.  The version reviewed was fitted with the carbon fibre DDD driver.  The full review will be posted shortly. Below are a few of the review’s highlights.


“The HRS 120 reviewed here uses a special woofer for the bass section. Interestingly we listened to the speakers in a number of different positions in the room, but heard hardly any boominess due to standing waves. In almost every position we enjoyed clean, well-defined and powerful bass.  It would be easy just to credit the acoustic suspension used on the bass system for this, but we like to think that it is due to this and the driver, the cabinet and may be other things too.  Anyway it works!”


“In the area of sound reproduction there are absolutely no flaws. The HRS 120 shows a timbral correctness; a 3 dimensionalityof stereo imaging and a solid bass that is perfectly integrated with the rest of the frequency range and that is the equal of the best dynamic loudspeakers.”


“The frequency response is very extended.  It is very impressive that this response is flat, constant and above all that here is no clue as towhere the two drivers change over.  This is a testament to the excellent balance of the various parameters of the crossover. Another amazing point is the lack of any exaggeration in the region linking the bass and mid-range. This is a rare ability in a loudspeaker at this level.”


“One of the areas in which the HRS 120 excels is its ability to accurately portray both micro and macro dynamics.  The immediacy and speed of the DDD driver allows you to appreciate every tiny volume change with ease and satisfaction.”


“This imaging itself is indeed spectacular when the loudspeakers aremoved away from the rear wall.  Needless to say, the HRS120s disappear like the best mini-monitors.”


“The HRS 120 sounded wonderfully flawless and in fact better than our greatest expectations.  In addition, the product is beautiful; perfectly built as well as being extremely versatile.  We can also say that amplifier matching is comparatively easy and even with different types of electronics there is little variation in the sound.  With the HRS 120 the characteristics of the room are less important than with other loudspeakers.   Even if we are not used to omni-directional loudspeakers and we may sometimes feel it is strange, the differences offered by the omni-directional characteristic of German Physiks loudspeakers are an advantage in almost every situation. As for the price, itis high in absolute terms, but so are the levels of performance and quality.”


Quotes courtesy ofSuono magazine.      Copyright Suono 2008




20th February 2008


German Physiks Appoints Zemfira as their distributor in the CIS


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Zemfira as our distributor in Russia and the CIS.  Zemfira is one of the leading Russian high-end audio distributors and we are looking forward to a long and fruitful co-operation with them.





15thFebruary 2008


German Physiks HRS 120 Receives Excellent Review in UltraAudio Magazine


Jeff Fritz senior editor of the US online high-end audio magazine UltraAudio has written an excellent review of the HRS 120.  The version of the HRS 120 reviewed was fitted with a titanium cone DDD driver, but his comments will be broadly applicable to the version fitted with the higher performance carbon fibre cone DDD driver.  Below are a few of the review’s highlights. 


“The HRS 120s imaged wonderfully. I heard a defined center image and performers that were easily identifiable within the soundstage—as long as the recording included such information.  One of my tests for imaging is Eva Cassidy’scover of Buffy St. Marie’s “Tall Trees in Georgia,” from Live at Blues Alley [CD, Blix Street 10046]. Her spoken introduction of the song should be very precisely centered and properly scaled. When these things are accomplished, the recording sounds like the in-concert performance it actually was. The HRS 120s reproduced this track superbly.”


“They produced the most expansive, most three-dimensional soundstage I’ve yet heard in my room. The sound was melt-the-walls-away wide and deep. The result was that the speakers truly “disappeared” from the music, leaving behind only some of the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.  Live recordings with lots of natural ambience sounded very close to live. Nor was there any keep-your-head-in-a-vise issue of imaging: the HRS 120s kept a stable image even when I listened a couple of feet or more off axis. These would make great speakers for a home theater in which a number of people sat side by side, all listening at once.


“…the DDD seemed to reveal more information about vocalists. A good example was “I’ve Got You to See Me Through,” from Eleanor McEvoy’s Yola [CD, Market Square 113]. The piano’s tone was spot on, and McEvoy’s voice was natural, clear, and detailed.”


“….I loved listening to these speakers. And don’t let their small size fool you. A pair of HRS 120s could play plenty loud in my room and not sound strained. “


“…I recommend you seek out the German Physiks HRS 120 to audition…. You might just fall in love with them. If you do, I can just about guarantee that you’ll be the first on your block to have a set, and that your audiophile friends will gawk in amazement when they first hear them.


Quotes courtesy





8thFebruary 2008


German Physiks Appoints Avantegarde Audio and Video as their distributor in Brazil


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Avantegarde Audio and Video as our distributor in Brazil.  Avantegarde Audio and Video boast a portfolio of extremely prestigious brands and we are very happy to be joining their company.





7thJanuary 2008


German Physiks Carbon Mk IV Launched


The German Physiks Carbon Mk IV was launched at the CES in Las Vegas in January.  The original Carbon was launched in 1997 and like the Borderland it is another long running German Physiks successstory.  The Carbon Mk IV uses a new cabinet based on the Borderland Mk IV design. This is reinforced with layers of carbon fibre using techniques borrowed from the aircraft industry.  The result is a very rigid and inert structure that enables the Carbon Mk IV to further improve on the high standard of fine detail resolution achieved by the Borderland.  





7th January 2008


German Physiks at the CES 2008 and The Show, Las Vegas, USA


We had a very successful time at the2008 CES in Las Vegas where we demonstrated our new Carbon Mk IV and PQS 202 Mk II models in the Venetian Meeting Rooms.  We worked in cooperation with Signals SuperFi our US distributor. Signals’President Chris Sommovigo provided a dream team for the rest of the system from the other lines he distributes.  Our analogue source was the much lusted after Criterion turntable from Continuum Labs in Australia, CD player and amplifiers were from Vitus Audio in Denmark and cabling was Chris’own highly regarded Stereovox line.   


In addition to our main exhibit, German Physiks loudspeakers were used by Vitus Audio who had a pair of HRS 120s that were making very nice sounds in the Venetian Tower with their SS 010 25W integrated amplifier and over at The Show in the St Tropez another pair of HRS 120s was being used by Audio Design and Marketing who were driving them with a pair of Berning Quadrature Z mono amplifiers.


The Venetian Meeting Rooms have a notoriously difficult acoustic and our room was no exception.  A quick visit to a hardware store yielded fifty feet of carpet, twenty feet of underlay, twenty 6 ft wooden batons and sundry tools that enabled us to construct an ad hoc, but very effective acoustic treatment.  This combined with some judicious system adjusting and a fair amount of sweat and stress resulted in a sound that although not perfect by our standards, attracted a lot of very positive comment.  Here is just a sample:


Clement Perry of The Stereo Times commented, “Chris Sommovigo of Signals SuperFi, importers of Continuum, StereoVox, Vitus and German Physiks showed their collective best -in all black no less. Showing very good sound staging capabilities via the omni-directional way, was the German Physiks model PQS202 ($55,595 with full carbon fibre cabinet finish) and the Vitus mono SM101 amps ($65k!) were driven by its own SCD-010 CD player ($16,995) and SL100 line stage ($40k). My very own reference discs sounded quite nice with a very airy and open effect that appeared realistic despite the less than ideal acoustics. Always a fan of omni designs, and a personal long time admirer, I think the German Physiks arecertainly one to keep an eye on”.


Dave Thomas also of The Stereo Times was equally generous in his praise, “After spending the better part of the first day over at T.H.E. Show, I was now itching to jump into the fray over at the Venetian big time…. My first stop was in the Signals Super–Fi room which is the North American distributor for German Physiks loudspeakers, Vitus Audio, and Continuum AudioLabs, and the global distributor for Dragon power cords and the Stereovox lineof cables which are designed by Chris Sommovigo who also is the owner of Signals Super-Fi. They set the bar for all the upper echelon systems I would hear this week and I mean set it high.


Commenting on his experiences at The Show Dave Thomas wrote, “When it comes to component matching and system setup there are few people in the industry like Bruce Jacobs of Audio Design and Marketing. Jacobs put together two wonderfully musical systems….The main system featured the TW Acoustics Raven AC turntable ($10,000) with Triplanar arm and Dynavector X1cartridge, and Tron Seven phono stage ($4,000). The electronics were the Exemplar Reference preamp ($12,000) and Berning Quadrature Z mono amps($29,995/pr). The speakers were the German Physiks HRS 120 ($28,995/pr) and again, the cables used were the Stereovox Reference. Both of these systems were characterized by a musicality that was uncommon for show conditions and was easily the best sounding room at the St. Tropez.”


Our sincere thanks to our friends from Continuum Labs and Vitus and especially to Chris Sommovigo for helping to make the CES such a success for us.


Quotes from Clement Perry and DaveThomas reproduced courtesy of The Stereo Times