11th January 2007


German Physiks at the CES 2007, Las Vegas, USA


This was our first outing withour new US distributor Signals SuperFi.   Their president Chris Sommovigo assembled a system comprising the Continuum Caliburn turntable fitted with their Cobra arm, Boulder electronics, Chris’ own Stereovox cables and our PQS 402 loudspeakers.  We exhibited in the Venetian meeting rooms where despite a difficult acoustic we still managed to impress quite a few people.  One of whom was a reporter from the online high-end audio magazine Stereomojo.  He was so impressed with what he heard that the magazine awarded our room their “Best Sound at CES” award.  Commenting on a Louis Armstrong record we played they wrote:


  “If I told you that Mr.Armstrong was “in the room”, it would be no big deal. Lots of systems can achieve that illusion. No, what I was hearing was much more than that – I was witnessing genius. Louis was telling the story in a way that was compelling and ravishing. Spell binding. His phrasing and articulation was astounding. Moving. Engrossing. I forgot that I was listening to a turntable, speakers or any other contraption. I forgot my aching feet and lack of sleep. I forgot I was at CES. I was only hearing the mastery of a great artist delivering a great song. I was transfixed.


Like I said, I’ve never heard anything like it, not at CES, not at Rocky Mountain Fest, because it was much more than just “hearing”. It was a sensory odyssey.”



Quotes courtesy of  www.stereomojo.com





13th September 2007


German Physiks Borderland Mk IV Launched


The German Physiks Borderland MkIV was launched at the Top Audio Show in Milan in September.  The Borderland has been a consistent major seller for us since it was first launched in 1993 and we are confident that the improved standard set by the Mk IV version will enable it to maintain this position.  The Borderland MkIV uses a new cabinet and bass system based on the design used on the HRS120.  The result is a fast and tuneful bass with no boominess.  A revised crossover provides improved dynamics and greater transparency in the mid and treble regions.  To quote Luca Parlato of our Italian distributor LP Audio, “This is the speaker to have in my opinion”. 

Click here  to see the Borderland Mk IV page.





2nd October 2007


German Physiks Appoints PL Audio as their Distributor in Sweden


We are pleased to announce the appointment of PL Audio as our distributor in Sweden. PL Audio have just moved into a new and larger building that includes a first class listening room where they will be able to demonstrate our loudspeakers to their best advantage.  We are pleased to be associated with PL Audio and look forward to a long relationship with them.





5th October 2007


German Physiks at the International Audio Show, Tokyo, Japan


German Physiks exhibited at the 2007International Audio Show, which was held at the Tokyo Forum Building right in the centre of Tokyo.   Ourexhibit was organised by our Japanese distributor Zephyrn Inc., and we are grateful to their president, Mr. Hideaki Nishikawa and to his staff for the all the hard work they put into make the show a success.   We demonstrated our PQS 402, HRS 120 Carbon and Troubadour 80 models. The program included regular music demonstrations as well as presentations by the leading Japanese audio reviewers Mr. Yanagizawa and Mr.Miura.  Our demonstrations were well attended and we found our Japanese audiophile friends to be both knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The audited attendance for the 3 days of the show was 11,260, which is an excellent figure and shows that interest in high-end audio in Japan is still very much alive.




20th October 2007


German Physiks Appoints Deco 2000 as their Distributor in Thailand


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Deco 2000 as our distributor in Thailand.  Deco 2000 is a long established and well-respected high-end audio distributor and we are very proud to be associated with them.


17th December 2007


HRS 120 Receives FDS Hi-Fi Award


The Italian high-end audio magazine Fedeltà del Suono has give the German Physiks HRS 120 loudspeaker their prestigious FDS Hi-Fi Award. This was presented to Luca Parlato our Italian distributor at the Percosi Sonori show in Terni by Andrea Della Sala, the director of the magazine.   We would like to express our gratitude to Fedeltà del Suono for this honour.