troubadour80_2THE TROUBADOUR 80

The Troubadour 80 is an enhanced version of the Troubadour 40. It uses two DDD drivers to give it an increased maximum output level and a more extended low frequency response. These are mounted one above the other via a rigid cylindrical aluminium collar. The crossover is built into a separate housing. Like the Troubadour 40, the Troubadour 80 is a versatile loudspeaker that can be used either as a compact high quality full range unit, or as a high quality satellite in conjunction with a separate sub woofer.troubadour80_3 It is especially suitable for high end AV systems, where its small footprint makes it easy to position. The Troubadour 80 is available in two versions. The standard version is fitted with titanium DDD drivers and a higher performance version is fitted with carbon fibre DDD drivers.

High Performance from Modest Size

The Troubadour 80 provides a detailed and well focussed stereo image that has excellent width and depth. Despite its compact dimensions it is capable of surprisingly high output levels. It shows none of the compression and cabinet colourations that we associate with conventional designs of a similar size. The clarity, dynamics and level of detail it provides are excellent. Instruments and voices are accurately placed in the stereo image and the sheer musicality and naturalness of the sound draws you in to the performance. Its ability to create a convincing musical experience belies its small size. If you were listening blindfolded, you would almost certainly believe that you were listening to a larger speaker. This is a testament to the excellence of the DDD driver.

The DDD Driver

The DDD driver is used on all German Physiks loudspeakers and the same quality of driver is used on all models from our entry level product, to the top of the range Gaudi. This revolutionary driver gives the same very important advantages to all German Physiks designs and is what sets them apart from our competitors. This is why we constantly highlight its features and advantages.

The DDD driver’s very low moving mass enables it to operate linearly over an extremely wide frequency range.  In the Troubadour 80 it is possible to operate the DDD drivers in a full range mode. In the titanium DDD version of the Troubadour 80 they operate from as low as 160Hz up to 21,500Hz and in the carbon fibre DDD version they operate from as low as 80Hz up to 24,000Hz. This is an exceptionally wide operating range for any loudspeaker driver.

In a conventional design, this range would be covered by two or even three different types of driver and most importantly there would be a cross over point in the mid range, the area where our hearing is most sensitive. The DDD driver’s wide operating range allows this vital region to be kept free from the level and phase anomalies that multiple drivers and a necessarily more complex cross over would create. This enables the Troubadour 80, like all German Physiks loudspeakers, to produce very accurate and realistic stereo images.

Another key advantage of the DDD driver is that it is omni directional, so these excellent stereo images can be enjoyed from a wide range of seating positions, unlike conventional designs which have much smaller “sweet spots” due to the tendency of their drivers to beam the sound. The benefits of the Troubadour 80 can be shared with friends and family.

The DDD driver’s omni directionality also makes the Troubadour 80 less sensitive to room position than conventional designs. In addition, toe-in adjustment becomes unnecessary and this combined with the loudspeaker’s small foot print, make it easy to set up in the listening room.

The DDD driver’s very low moving mass provides the further benefit of exceptional impulse and phase response characteristics and allows it to reproduce both the attack of the music and resolve low level detail very accurately. This is essential in order to faithfully reproduce the delicate nuances and timbral characteristics of a performance and make it sound like music, rather than just good hi-fi. The driver’s excellent impulse response also ensures that the stereo image remains focussed and stable, even when the loudspeaker is reproducing complex passages at high levels.

More information on the DDD driver, its development and advantages may be found on the Technology page of this web site.

Low Cabinet Colouration

The Troubadour 80 solves the problem of cabinet colouration by having to all intents and purposes no cabinet. The two DDD drivers are mounted either end of a short cylindrical collar made from 6mm thick aluminium. Its shape and dimensions make it a naturally very rigid structure which exhibits negligible cabinet talk and resonance. To reduce these to insignificant levels, the inside surface of the collar is coated with a heavy layer of bitumen damping material. It is lined with high density felt to damp any resonances of the internal air mass.

troubadour80_1Varied Finish Options

The Troubadour 80 is available in the customer’s choice of select, hand matched hardwood veneers, black Nextel or carbon fibre. Please see the Finishes page for more details. The carbon fibre finish option is particularly striking visually. Multiple layers of bi-directional, resin impregnated carbon fibre are applied to the aluminium collar using techniques originally developed for the aircraft industry. Several layers of lacquer are then applied and this is finally hand polished to give a deep lustrous finish. The carbon fibre finish option has the additional advantage that it adds extra strength and rigidity to the collar, which further reduces the low levels of residual resonances and cabinet talk.

External Crossover

The Troubadour 80’s external crossover provides two important advantages. Firstly it allows the loudspeaker section to be made much smaller and therefore less obtrusive and easier to position. Secondly, in isolating the crossover components from the drivers, microphonic effects that might degrade the crossover’s performance are avoided. A 1.5m long cable is supplied to connect the Troubadour 80 to the crossover. This is generally sufficiently long to allow convenient location of the crossover. If required, a longer cable may be used.

Adjustable High Frequency Output

High quality jumpers on the crossover allow the high frequency output level to be adjusted in 4 steps: -2dB, flat, +2dB and +4dB. This allows the user to easily compensate for the variations in the absorption of high frequencies that occur due to different types of furnishings and room construction.

Full Range or Satellite Operation

The Troubadour 80 may be operated either as a full range unit, or as a satellite in conjunction with a sub woofer. The mode is set by jumpers on the crossover’s top panel. These may be quickly and easy adjusted. The low frequency roll offs for the two versions of the unit in each mode are shown in the table below:

  Titanium DDD  Carbon DDD 
Full Range 160Hz 80Hz
Satellite 190Hz 160Hz

The Troubadour 80 Specifications

  With Titanium DDD Driver With Carbon DDD Driver


2.8 ohms at 1,500Hz 2.8 ohms at 1,500Hz

Frequency response

  With crossover 160/190Hz – 21,500Hz 80/160Hz- 24,000Hz
  Lower frequency limit depends on crossover settings
  Without crossover 120 -21,500Hz 70 – 24,000Hz
  Maximum input power 40W Maximum input power 60W
Power handling    
  With crossover    
    Short term

  Without crossover

    Short term
Amplification required Minimum 80W/4 ohms
High frequency adjustment -2dB, flat, +2dB and +4dB centred at 8,000Hz
  Crossover Nextel Crossover Nextel
Low frequency adjustment 160, 170, 180 and 190Hz 80 and 160Hz
Sensitivity 87.0dB for 1W at 1m 87.6dB for 1W at 1m
Operating principle Full range satellite speaker with 360° surround radiation using the
DDD Bending Wave Converter.
Input connectors 1 set of binding posts
Drivers 2 x Titanium DDD drivers 2 x Carbon DDD drivers
  Speaker 594mm high x 260mm diameter
23.4" high x 10.2" diameter
  Crossover 270mm W x 173mm H x 230mm D
10.60" W x 6.80" H x 9.05" D
  Speaker 16.3kg
  Crossover 4.4kg
Warranty 5 years
As part of our process of continually improving our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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